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Speaking of which, we’ve started a series on our Instagram that profiles one of our students every week or so. There’s a trend on the social media platform called #StoryPortrait, & we thought it was a perfect way to showcase our amazing clients. Bellow you’ll find the first three portraits in the series, with many more to come!


This beautiful woman is Leela, & she’s been attending our English classes since 2012 with nearly perfect attendance! She is from Bhutan & lived for years, with her family, in a refugee camp in Nepal before coming to Nashville. Over 6% of Bhutan’s entire population have spent close to two decades in refugee camps, with our city has receiving over 200 of them in the last year. Leela had never attended an English class before coming to the US, but has displayed a consistent determination & jovial attitude that makes her a delight to her teachers. She’s considered a star student by our staff, & is this week’s story portrait.








Meet Niang (Nee-aung). She has been attending one of our intermediate level classes for about two weeks. That’s because just a couple weeks ago she moved from one apartment complex in Nashville, to another that the ESL to Go truck visits. When I asked her why she moved, she said, “I wanted ESL!” There are several pockets of Burmese populations around the city, but she specifically chose her new apartment by following the English truck! Niang has a son she cares for during the day, & is now able to come to class in the evening when her husband gets home from work. Niang is such a great example of the determination we consistently see in our students. They know that English will help them be self-sufficient, & they won’t let anything get in their way.






Siang & Vung

BFF’s who learn English together, stay together! Meet Siang & Vung, two ESL to Go students who both started attending last year & have even advanced a level. They are a part of the Zomi, Burmese community & love doing things together, like cooking meals for their children & going to church on Sundays. Neither of them have a car, so they were unable to learn English until ESL to Go brought the mobile classroom to their apartment complex. Now, they leave their children with their husbands & come to class for 4 hours a week. They are always on time and excited to be there learning English while building friendships with other members of their community. Enthusiastic, appreciative, & giggly students like this are why we love our job so much!